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A Grade Cleaning Service

"Truly Complete Home Cleaning"

Serving The Greater Knoxville Area

Owned By:  Laura Holt
                  Kerry Lett

(865) 281-2391

(865) 688-6923

(865) 201-9430

 Initial Cleaning  Maintenance Cleaning  Spring/Fall Cleaning  New Construction Cleaning

On our first visit, we will do an initial home cleaning. Because these cleanings are generally tougher and take longer than regular scheduled cleaning, there is an additional fee for the first cleaning.  After the Initial cleaning, we will work with you to create a schedule for your regular maintenance cleanings. For our weekly and bi-weekly clients, we will schedule services that will allow you and your family a day you can depend on for your cleaning. You will have the same day of the week for your cleaning (for example every Wednesday).

Initial Home Cleaning includes services listed in Maintenance cleaning, plus the following:

bulletClean all wall hangings
bulletClean all knick-knacks
bulletWet wash all baseboards and door facings
bulletClean window sills
bulletClean light fixtures
bulletClean outside of cabinets
bulletClean ceiling fans
bulletAnd much more!

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Maintenance Cleanings:

Whole House:

bulletComplete dusting
bulletChange sheets if needed
bulletVacuum all carpets
bulletDust ceiling fans
bulletClean mirrors and glass surfaces
bulletRemove all garbage
bulletReline waste baskets
bulletWash all floors

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In the Kitchen:

bulletClean all countertops
bulletClean inside/outside microwave
bulletClean/sanitize/polish all sinks
bulletPolish stainless steel appliances
bulletWipe down all cabinet facings
bulletClean all appliances outside
bulletWash all floors
bulletClean glass surfaces

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In the Bathrooms:

bulletClean and sanitize sinks/bathtubs/toilets and showers
bulletWash floors
bulletClean mirrors
bulletDust light fixtures and bulbs
bulletPolish all fixtures
bulletEmpty and reline waste baskets

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Add on Services:

bulletInside refrigerator and freezer ($25)
bulletInside oven ($25)
bulletWindows Inside (Contact Us)
bulletPolish woodwork
bulletGrout and Tile cleaning
bulletCarpet and upholstery steam cleaning with a formula of your choice (starting at $ 0.25/sq. ft)
bulletClean patio furniture
bulletGarage, basement and closet organizing ($45/hour)
bulletLaundry ($10/load)

You can also request other services in addition to your cleanings at flat rate of $40/hour ( dishes, laundry folding, special cleaning requests etc.)

Spring and Fall Cleaning

Do you need spring or fall cleaning for your home? We will gladly help you!

Our fall/spring house cleaning services include our regular cleaning services plus the following:


bulletClean light fixtures, chandeliers
bulletOil woodwork with lemon oil
bulletClean windows, sills, ledge 
bulletClean ceiling fan
bulletClean fireplaces
bulletClean and organize garage
bulletClean patio furniture

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bulletClean inside refrigerator/freezer 
bulletClean inside/oven 
bulletClean inside cabinets
bulletOil cabinets
bulletWash baseboards

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bulletClean inside cabinets
bulletOil woodwork
bulletClean baseboards
bulletClean tile
bulletClean light fixtures

We will be more than happy to customize the cleaning to your needs!

Our Spring/Fall cleaning services start at $250.00.

Please, email us or call (865)688-6923 for more information.

New Construction Cleaning Services:

After all those contractors leave a jobsite, we will come in and clean up all the dirt, dust, drywall mud and other debris left behind so the new homeowners can move right in.

Whole House

bulletWindows, tracks, sills, frames
bulletPlastic removal/label removal· 
bulletSweep, mop, vacuum
bulletLight fixtures, mirrors
bulletCeiling fans
bulletTrash removal

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bulletCounter  tops and sinks
bulletStove, refrigerator
bulletDrawers/cabinets inside and out
bulletGlass surfaces
bulletPolish all appliances
bulletLight fixtures
bulletSweep, mop

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bulletRemove labels/stickers
bulletClean sinks, tubs, showers, toilets
bulletPolish all surfaces
bulletClean mirror

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Touch Up (if requested)

bulletDamp mop
bulletSpot clean all areas
bulletTrash removal

Please email us or call today at (865) 688-6923 for a free estimate!

A Grade Cleaning Service furnishes all supplies or uses yours if you so desire!

Call Laura or Kerry at:
(865) 281-2391
(865) 688-6923
(865) 201-9430

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